Our business comes from having our own agricultural products. So we can choose the quality of raw material as well. Increasing income for agricultural products to more value from the original, it also helps the community. Helping people and farmers to earn more income from the season, after the harvest season, Farmers and people still have work, have income, No need go out to work away from home or communities. Most factory workers are farmers and people in the community, have teenagers, working age and the elderly who can still work, which they did not want to compete with many people in the capital cities.

       Our food products, our processed fruit include dried fruits, freeze dried fruits, frozen fruit and fresh fruits through the production process with modern technology. Pay attention and think carefully about to the surrounding environment of the factory, As well as concern for the consumers safety first.

       So consumers can be sure, our food products. Nutritious and keep as natural as possible, clean and good hygiene and safely consumed 100%.